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The Great Western Virginia Cover-Up: Historic Quilts & Bedcovers

Wednesday, October 16, 12:00pm1:00pm
Children $4 Members Free (Join today) Seniors $5 Adults $6
Virginia Historical Society
Part of the Gallery Walk category.
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Explore historic quilts and bedcovers during this guided tour of The Great Western Virginia Cover-Up: Historic Quilts & Bedcovers.

The Great Western Virginia Cover-Up: Historic Quilts & Bedcovers presents more than thirty bedcovers—spreads, quilts, coverlets, blankets, and a rare bed rug—made in western Virginia between 1800 and 1950. During this guided tour, Blue Ridge Institute & Museum director Roddy Moore will explore patterns, methods, and fabrics passed down through generations of Virginia families. He will explain the intense research that his museum staff and exhibition consultants conducted to determine origins, dates, and cloth types presented in the show—including stories about a ballad singer, a character witness for moonshiners, and a mysterious possible future husband.

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