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Revolutions: Songs of Social Change, 1860-65 and 1960-65

Wednesday, September 18, 12:00pm1:00pm
Children $4 Members Free (Join today) Seniors $5 Adults $6
Virginia Historical Society
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Banjo headAndy Talkov and Lauranett Lee will conduct a gallery walk of Revolutions, Songs of Social Change, 1860-65 and 1960-65.  The exhibition, a signature event of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, includes more than thirty objects divided into six sections. Talkov and Lee will discuss the array of artifacts that provide context to two pivotal historical moments. “In both 1860 and 1960 Americans believed they were standing at the brink of great events.” Yet, by 1865 and 1965 both presidents had been assassinated. A comparison of songs from these two periods offers an opportunity to explore the ways in which music’s unique power transcends time and provide cultural touchstones.

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