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Carillon: The Story of a Richmond Community by Elizabeth O'Leary

Thursday, November 14, 12:00pm1:00pm
Children $4 Members Free (Join today) Seniors $5 Adults $6
Virginia Historical Society
Robins Family Forum
Part of the Banner Lecture Series category.
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On November 14 at noon, Elizabeth O'Leary will deliver a Banner Lecture entitled "Carillon: The Story of a Richmond Community."

Carillon, Richmond, VAAn active community nestled near Richmond's Byrd Park, the Carillon neighborhood has a surprisingly rich, complex history. Basing her lecture on her recently published work,The Carillon Neighborhood: A History, Dr. Elizabeth O'Leary will relate the story of the area’s land and people from the colonial frontier to antebellum farmland; Gilded Age streetcar suburb to upscale Jazz Age development; site of a postwar housing boom to hub for civil rights activism. The lecture will provide special focus on the formation of the Carillon Civic Association and its efforts in the turbulent 1960s and '70s in nurturing one of Virginia's first successfully integrated communities.

An art historian who resides in Richmond, O'Leary is the former associate curator of American art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Free admission for Richmond Times-Dispatch readers with a Press Pass coupon.

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First-time visitors to the Carillon neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, often register surprise when discovering the tucked-away community immediately west of William Byrd Park.

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