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Chesapeake Watermen: Their Culture and Way of Life

Thursday, October 3, 5:30pm7:00pm
Children $65 Members $50 (Join today) Seniors $65 Adults $65
Virginia Historical Society
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This is a two-part class. Class one will take place on Thursday, September 26, and class two on Wednesday, October 3.

Chesapeake Bay WatermenFor centuries Virginians of the Tidewater have made a living from the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay and its estuaries. In their wood-hulled, deadrise workboats, watermen have harvested oysters, blue crabs, and all kinds of fish to feed their families and sell to seafood markets along the East Coast. The watermen and those who supplied them with boats and specialized tools and tackle have been a lifelong interest for Larry S. Chowning. In this class he will explain and illustrate their distinctive way of life.

Chowning is the prolific author of numerous books on Chesapeake life and culture, including Chesapeake Legacy: Tools and Traditions (2010), Dead Rise and Cross-Planked (2007), Chesapeake Buy Boats (2007), and Barcat Skipper: Tales of a Tangier Island Waterman (1992).

For more information, call 804.342.9676 or email cmoore@vahistorical.org.

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