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Ignored and Neglected: The Underappreciated Architecture of Richmond by Robert P. Winthrop

Thursday, March 27, 5:30pm7:00pm
Members $50 (Join today) Adults $65
Virginia Historical Society
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This is a two-part class taught by Robert P. Winthrop. Class one will take place on Thursday, March 27, and class two on Thursday, April 3.

Iron fencing in Richmond, VirginiaThe first session of this two-part class, on early industrial Richmond, will focus on cast-iron manufacture and architectural decoration. While the South was technologically backward, Richmond was the foremost industrial city in the South, and its architecture displayed new technologies in a flamboyant way. The second session will look at early modern Richmond. Although the taste for Colonial Revival may have dominated the architectural scene in early twentieth-century Richmond, some modernist styles were too attractive and exciting to ignore. This class will focus on modern architectural trends of that era, with an emphasis on Art Deco design.

Robert P. Winthrop is a practising architect and the author of several books on the architectural history of Virginia.

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