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Thomas Jefferson’s Enlightenment—Paris, 1785 by James C. Thompson

Thursday, September 11, 12:00pm1:00pm
Children $4 Members Free (Join today) Seniors $5 Adults $6
Virginia Historical Society
Robins Family Forum
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On September 11 at noon, James C. Thompson will deliver a Banner Lecture entitled "Thomas Jefferson’s Enlightenment—Paris, 1785."

Thomas Jefferson's Enlightenment--Paris 1785In the summer of 1784, Thomas Jefferson traveled to Paris as minister of the United States to France and lived there for five years. During this time, he made a series of excursions with Pierre Cabanis, a philosophe and an influential member of French society. Cabanis acquainted Jefferson not only with the city and its people but also with the enlightened ideas in French thought. James Thompson provides rich details of this transformative period in Thomas Jefferson’s life in his book, Thomas Jefferson’s Enlightenment—Paris 1785.

James C. Thompson has taught philosophy at Strayer University in Alexandria. He is the author of Beyond the Veil of Reason—Thomas Jefferson’s Early Political Initiatives, The Birth of Virginia’s Aristocracy, and Thomas Jefferson’s Enlightenment—Paris 1785.

Limited parking at the VHS due to construction

Please arrive in  time to find parking in the VMFA deck, in the lot behind St Mark’s Church on Colonial Avenue, or on the street. Remember, for VMFA members, the deck is free.

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In this book, Jefferson's transformation from frontiersman and political loner into cosmopolitan political leader is revealed by submerging the reader in the things that he did and saw on his travels to Paris in 1785.
Thomas Jefferson's Enlightement: Paris 1785

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