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Virginia's Historic Sites and Shrines: An Overview of Preservation Past and Present by Robert Dunkerly

Thursday, October 30, 5:30pm7:00pm
Members $50 (Join today) Adults $65
Virginia Historical Society
Lora and Claiborne Robins Conference Room
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This is a two-part class taught by Robert Dunkerly. Class one will take place on Thursday, October 30, and class two on Thursday, November 6.

Sunken Road and reconstructed stonewall at Fredericksburg National Battlefield Park.This two-part class will explore historic preservation trends at some of the most famous historic sites in Virginia. Part One will discuss the early preservation movement in the late 1800s and early 1900s, including influences from World Fairs, Expositions, and the Reconstruction era. What motivated early preservationists and how did their actions influence how historic sites were presented? The second part will delve deeply into a select number of sites, including Jamestown, Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Appomattox, the Richmond and Fredericksburg battlefields, and our own Battle Abbey.

Robert Dunkerly, a park ranger at Richmond NationalĀ Battlefield Park, has written widely on military history and is active in historic preservation.

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