"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Quantico: The National Museum of the Marine Corps

Wednesday, March 12, 8:00am5:00pm
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The National Museum of the Marine Corps logoOur visit to the award-winning National Museum of the Marine Corps will encompass a journey through American History, from 1775 to Present Day, as seen through the eyes of 3.5 Million American men and women who have worn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor - the emblem of America's Corps of Marines.

Guided by Marine Veterans and Active Duty Marines, you will experience a narrative overview of 238 years of Service and Sacrifice, while viewing a small portion of the 40,000 artifacts in our collection. From the Revolution to Iraq and Afghanistan, the museum tells the exciting tale of those who have answered the call, in war and in peace, when their country called, and who do so today. No visit to the NMMC would be complete without lunch at the Tun Tavern, a recreation of the 18th century public tavern in Philadelphia.

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