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Richmond: Food and Beverage Companies in Greater Richmond: Hardywood, Blue Bee Cider, Ukrop's Homestyle Foods

Wednesday, April 23, 8:45am5:00pm
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What could be more Richmond than Ukrop’s and White House rolls? We will start our morning at Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods, where we will see their wholesale operation and learn about new products. From there we will go to Ellwood Thompson’s to learn about that market's culture, mission, and values. Following a Sally Bell’s boxed lunch at the VHS, we will go across the river to Blanchard’s Coffee Company and roast laboratory. This lab is devoted to the art and science of coffee from raw to roasted. Next we will visit Blue Bee Cider, where we will sample and learn about hard cider and this fast growing industry. Our final stop will be at Hardywood for a tour and tasting of this Richmond craft beer operation. Next, home for dinner, if anyone is still hungry after our day of sampling.

Come join us on this VHS bus trip, and eat and drink your way through greater Richmond!

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