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Tangier Island Cruise

Wednesday, July 23, 7:15am6:00pm
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Tangier Island
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Tangier IslandStep aboard the Chesapeake Breeze for a ninety-minute cruise to Tangier Island. During the journey learn about historic Reedville, center of one of the largest fishing industries in the United States at one time. Discovered by Captain John Smith in 1608, Tangier Island is a small, largely unspoiled, fishing village lined with quaint narrow streets. It’s considered the “soft crab capital” of the nation. Its people still speak with a lingering Elizabethan accent. Enjoy a family-style meal at the Chesapeake House, with crab cakes of course! We should return to Richmond by 6:00 PM.

Please note that any trip to the island may be cancelled because of severe weather conditions, and the cruise across the Bay can be challenging if you are prone to sea-sickness.

We are unable to take anymore online reservations for this trip.  Please contact Cynthia Bowles at cbowles@vahistorical.org to be placed on a waitlist. 

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