"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Virginia Victuals: Food and Drink in the Old Dominion

Saturday, September 27, 10:30am12:00pm
Children $17 Members $10 (Join today) Seniors $17 Adults $17
Virginia Historical Society
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Reynolds Ad (VHS accession number: 2004.240.11.00)In 1824, Mary Randolph published the first American regional cookbook, The Virginia House-Wife. Her recipes, using Virginia produce, were heavily influenced by African, Native American, and European cultures, and they outlined a cuisine distinct to Virginia and the South. The VHS collections contain objects, recipes, and cookbooks that offer a unique perspective on the lives of Virginia men and women and are a valuable resource to understand changes in the meaning and preparation of what we eat. Come build up your appetite as we dig through the collection to get a taste for what Virginians ate and drank throughout time.

Evan Liddiard, senior education specialist

Evan Liddiard, Senior Education Specialist

Come build up your appetite during the "Virginia Victuals: Food and Drink in the Old Dominion" behind the scenes tour as we dig through the VHS collection to get a taste for what Virginians ate and drank throughout time.

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To those interested in fine foods, the Virginia Association for Family and Community Education presents this collection of recipes from country kitchens of the Old Dominion.
Recipes From Old Virginia
Nunley and Elliott feature over 100 restaurants in this combination travel guide/cookbook.
Taste of Virginia History
This ceramic bread warmer is based on a plaque in the VHS collection. The woman depicted is Nelly Custis, the adopted daughter of George Washington.
Ceramic Bread Warmer

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