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HistoryConnects FAQs

Do you still have questions about HistoryConnects? Our FAQ will answer any you may have about the programs we offer, the technology involved, and how to schedule a program. Download a HistoryConnects brochure, here.

How does HistoryConnects compare to the Virginia Historical Society's traditional outreach programming?

The HistoryConnects program is based on the traditional museum outreach education model, so the two have a great deal in common. A HistoryConnects program begins with an educator from the VHS introducing the topic and institution and then leading an interactive historical discussion with your students. Like the Hands-on-History boxes, the HistoryConnects programs are centered on in-depth investigation of primary sources and replica artifacts. The new technology allows us to share high-definition details of letters, maps, and images that could not be used in traditional outreach.

How much do HistoryConnects programs cost?

Unless noted differently, HistoryConnects programs are $50 for Virginia schools, and $100 for all other institutions. You will be invoiced for your program once it is completed. We understand that there are several external factors that can affect a program centered on technology. If a program connection cannot be made because of factors that are beyond human control (for example, snow days, power or network failures) we will work with you to reschedule your program at no additional charge.

How long are the HistoryConnects programs?

HistoryConnects programs are structured to run between 45 and 60 minutes each, with time for questions and answers. Any program can be structured to meet your classroom schedule.

What HistoryConnects programs are offered?

Click here to see the list of our available programs.

We are currently developing additional ones to add to the HistoryConnects catalog. If you have a specific need for your classroom that is not addressed by what is currently offered, please send us a suggestion at eliddiard@vahistorical.org.

How do I schedule a HistoryConnects program?

Programs are available Monday through Thursday, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Register for your program through the CILC site. An e-mail and verification will be sent to you within five to seven business days.

Once your program is confirmed, a teacher information packet will be sent to help your class prepare for the videoconference.

What if I need to cancel my program?

Groups canceling forty-eight hours in advance or because of school closings may reschedule programs at no additional cost. All rescheduling is subject to availability. For cancellations, please call 804.342.9689.

How do we make sure that we have a good connection?

  • Groups are responsible for dialing into the Virginia Historical Society and providing all connection information.
  • Information on dialing in to the museum will be provided with verification of program booking.
  • The day of your conference, you may connect with us up to ten minutes before the scheduled start time. Connecting later than fifteen minutes after your start time will result in billing for a missed conference.
  • There is no charge for test connections; however, they must be scheduled in advance. Once a program is booked, a test connection appointment will be scheduled. Unscheduled test connections may interrupt live videoconferences. Please call 804.342.9689.

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