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Claiborne Family, Section 27

Claiborne Family
Papers, 1665-1911. Section 27.
Call Number Mss1 C5217 b 283-764

Correspondence, 1836-1895, of Herbert Augustine Claiborne of Richmond and Fredericksburg, Va., and while a student at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va., and a lawyer in Richmond.

Adams, George T. See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Alexander, Archibald, 1772-1851 – Death and burial See C. W. Richardson
Ambler, Betty Burnet (McGuire), 1827-1856
Anderson, Marcellus Monroe, b. 1819?
Ashby, John Jamieson, 1802-1864 See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Atkinson, Elizabeth
Attkisson, Andrew C., b. 1798?

Bagby, Robert B., b. 1801?
Baker, Cleavears, b. 1774?
Ballard, Anne Overton (Price), b. 1845?
Barrett, James M.
Barrett, Samuel
Barringer, Daniel Moreau, 1806-1873
Barton, Thomas Bowerbank, 1792-1871
Bassett, George Washington, 1800-1878
Baton Rouge, La – History – Civil War, 1861-1865 See Virginius Howard Claiborne
Bellinger, Edmund, 1807-1859
Benagh, James, 1787?-1861
Berry, Benjamin H., 1813-1870 See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Botts, Thomas Hutchinson, 1804-1854
Bouldin, Louis Contesse, 1796?-1850
Bowden, Henry Moseley
Bowden, Lemuel Jackson, 1812-1864
Brabber, E.
Bramham, Mary Carter Burnet (Claiborne), 1786-1864
Bramham, Mary Carter Burnet (Claiborne), 1786-1864 – Estate See Solomon Spence Hutt
Braxton, Carter, 1789-1855
Breckinridge, John Cabell, 1821-1875 See Virginius Howard Claiborne
Brock, Robert Alonzo, 1839-1914
Brodhead, E. V., Mrs.
Browne, Lucian Carter
Browne, William Burnet, 1738-1784 – Estate See Edward E. Dunbar
Buck, B. A.
Buckner, Delia Hayes (Claiborne), 1857-1932
Burwell, William
Butler, Jonas

Calder, James M.
California Gold Rush of 1849 See Gilbert Burnet Claiborne
Camp Seco, Calif., – Pictorial works See James William Claiborne
Carpenter, William J., b. 1817?
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, Richard Henry, 1817-1880
Carter, Robert Wormeley, 1792-1861
Chapman, John Madison, 1810-1879
Christian, Edmund Thomas, 1814-1856
Claiborne, Betty Carter Bassett, 1799-1845
Claiborne, Carrie Carter (Hall), d. 1868
Claiborne, Delia (Hayes), 1794-1838
Claiborne family – Heraldry See Thomas Nelson Claiborne
Claiborne family – Heraldry See
Claiborne family See Robert Alonzo Brock; Thomas Claiborne; George Lynn-Lacklan Davis
Claiborne, Gilbert Burnet, 1827-1908
Claiborne, Guilford Greene
Claiborne, Herbert Augustine, 1784-1841 – Estate See Judith Hannah Elizabeth (Porter) Grigsby
Claiborne, Herbert Augustine, 1784-1841
Claiborne, Herbert Augustine, 1819-1902 See Christopher James Cleborne; Earle (Jno., Jr.) & Co.; Montgomery & Boyd
Claiborne, Herbert Washington, 1853-1927
Claiborne, James William, 1825-1906
Claiborne, John Hayes, 1823-1890 See Herbert Washington Claiborne; Montgomery & Boyd
Claiborne, Mary Anna (McGuire), 1819-1864
Claiborne, Mary Burnet, 1821-1844
Claiborne, Richard, 1757-1818 – Estate See Guilford Greene Claiborne
Claiborne, Sterling, 1785-1857
Claiborne, Thomas, 1823-1911
Claiborne, Thomas Nelson
Claiborne, Virginius Howard, 1833-1897
Claiborne, William, 1600-ca. 1677 See Sebastian Ferris Streeter
Clarke, James
Cleborne, Christopher James, 1838-1909
Clendenin, J. L.
Clerks of court
Cochran, William
Cocke, Bowler, 1822?-1862
Cogbill, Thomas O., d. 1858
College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va.
Collier, Lewis A. See Montgomery & Boyd
Confederate States of America. Army. Dept. of Southern Mississippi and Eastern Tennessee See Virginius Howard Claiborne
Conway, Eustace, 1820-1857
Cooper, William C.
Copland, Peter, 1821?-1890
Cowles (G. Earnest & W.), Baltimore, Md.
Crane, Admiram Judson, 1817?-1867
Crawford, John W., b. 1808?
Crawford, Thomas B., b. 1779?
Curtis, Benjamin Robbins, 1809-1874

Dabney, Thomas Overton, b. 1814
Daniel, Raleigh Travers, 1805-1877
Davenport, Frances G. (Roper)
Davenport, Robert D., d. 1848
Davis, George Lynn-Lacklan, 1813-1869
Deeds of trust See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Dewey, Charles
Dillard, Philip B., b. 1796?
Donnan (Alexander) & Bro., Petersburg, Va.
Dorset, Samuel
Dudley, Alexander, 1820?-1869
Dudley, Mary See Lucian Carter Browne
Duer & Babcock, Oswego, N.Y.
Dulany, Grafton Lloyd
Dunbar, Edward E.
Dunlop, Ann Dent (McRae), 1817-1891

Earle (Jno., Jr.) & Co., Boston, Mass.
Eldridge, Rolfe, 1780-1861
Ellett, William
Ellette, Joshua, b. 1813?
Enroughty, J. F.

Fitzhugh & Little, Fredericksburg, Va.
Fitzhugh, Edward Henry, 1816-1890
Foose, Sarah Ann
Foster, Solomon
Frazer, William Clark
Fremont, John Charles, 1813-1890 See Gilbert Burnet Claiborne

Gaines, Robert B.
Gallaher, John S., 1796-1877
Garland, Samuel, 1789-1861
Garretson, Frederic, 1837-1887
Gifford, George
Gilmer, George Christopher, 1811-1887
Gilmer, John Harmer, 1811-1879
Glen Burnie (Fauquier County, Va.) See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Gold mines and mining See Gilbert Burnet Claiborne
Goodwin, Arthur, b. 1801
Grand Island (Ship) See Earle (Jno., Jr.) & Co.
Grant, James A., 1776?-1849
Gregg, Daniel H.
Gregory, William N., 1817-1848
Grigsby, Judith Hannah Elizabeth (Porter)
Griscom, George
Griswold & Claiborne, Richmond, Va. See Solomon Foster; S. H. Hamilton; Turner & Wheelwright
Griswold, Chauncey Goodrich, 1802-1883
Grubbs, Peter Winston, 1809-1885
Gwyn, Charles Robert, 1809-1892

Hall, Richard Rush
Hamilton, A. J.
Hamilton, Alice
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Robert S.
Hamilton, S. H.
Hamilton, William
Harrison, Randolph, 1799-1844 See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Hayes, David A.
Hayes, James, 1828-1908
Hayes, John S., 1835-1913
Henley, Thomas P.
Henry, Robert Williams, 1814-1847
Herring (Geo W.) & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Hickson, Edward Spring, b. 1786? See Herring (Geo W.) & Co.
Hillard, Ann M. (Smithers)
Hopkins, K. L. See Charles Tunis Mitchell
Howerton, Thomas
Hudgin, Robert, b. 1802?
Hutt, Solomon Spence, b. 1795?

Ingle, Annette Lewis (Bassett), 1842-1881
Inventories of decedents’ estates See Bramham, Mary Carter Burnet (Claiborne)

Jackson, William A., 1807-1875 See Benjamin Blake Minor
Jacob & Fitzhugh, Wheeling, W. Va.
Jacob, Zachariah, b. 1796?
Jeffries, John M., b. 1829
Jennings, William Augustine, 1814-1897
Jobson, William S.
Jones, Philip Bickerton, b. 1808?
Jones, Philip H., d. 1860
Jordan, Thomas
Judah, David

Keeling, Henry, 1795-1870
Keeling, Jane C. (Charlton), d. 1860 See Henry Keeling
Kenny, Edward
Kinney, William, 1795-1863
Knox, Thomas Fitzhugh, 1807-1890

Lacy, Richmond Terrell, 1800?-1877
Lamb, Anthony Hay, 1790-1865
Lamb, William Wilson, 1803-1874
Lawyers – New York (State) – Oswego – History – 19th century See Duer & Babcock
Lawyers – Virginia – Fredericksburg – History – 19th century See Fitzhugh & Little
Lawyers – Virginia – Williamsburg – History – 19th century See Sheldon & Maupin
Lawyers – Virginia – Richmond – History – 19th century See Griswold & Claiborne
Lenahan, John
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 See Virginius Howard Claiborne
Litchfield (Ship) See Earle (Jno., Jr.) & Co.
Lufborough, Hamilton

Macon, William Hartwell, 1819-1891
Marshall, Edward Carrington, 1805-1882
Marshall, John, 1811-1854 See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Mather, Margaret Morgan (Herbert), d. 1900
Mathewes, Annie Claiborne
Mayo, William J.
McFarland, James Clark, 1792-1864
McGuire, Francis Howe, 1809-1865
McGuire, Robert Lewis, 1822-1876
McRae, Richard, 1812-1877
Merchants – Virginia – Petersburg – History – 19th century See Donnan (Alexander) & Bro.
Metcalfe, John, d. 1857
Miller, Narcissus W., 1806?-1868
Miller, William, d. 1846
Minor, Benjamin Blake, 1818-1905
Mitchell, Charles Tunis, 1816-1893
Montgomery & Boyd, Natchez, Miss.
Mott, Robert

Neale, Augustine, 1777-1852
Newhall, Warren S. See Montgomery & Boyd
Nicholas, Elizabeth Byrd, 1830-1901

Page, Anne Collins, b. 1833?
Page, Henrietta Elizabeth (Collins), d. 1868
Page, John, 1819-1885
Paine, Maria W.
Paine, William Wiseham, 1817-1882
Pannell, Mary A.
Pannell, Thomas A.
Payne, Richard Atkinson, 1819-1880 See Solomon Spence Hutt
Peachy, William Samuel, 1818-1881
Perry, Thomas Johns, 1807-1871
Piggott, Nathaniel, b. 1798?
Pitts, Labin W., b. 1806?
Pitts, M. P., d. 1847?
Pollard, Benjamin, 1813-1880 See Charles Tunis Mitchell
Pollard, James Otway, b. 1820
Powell, R. Baldwin
Presidents – United States – Election – 1860 See Virginius Howard Claiborne

Raine, Hugh
Randolph, Jane Cary Fitzhugh (Harrison), 1797-1883
Randolph, Richard, 1782-1858
Real property – West Virginia – Wood County – History – 19th century See Guilford Greene Claiborne
Reid, C. W. See Earle (Jno., Jr.) & Co.
Reins, Richard, 1797-1871
Richardson, C. W.
Richardson, George William, 1819-1904
Robertson, Wyndham, 1803-1888
Robinson, Edwin, 1807-1863
Robinson, John B.
Robinson, Oliver Pollock, 1804-1866
Rogers, Asa, b. 1836
Roper family See Henry Keeling
Roper, Lethe A. B. (Crawford)
Ross, Peter, b. 1804?

Samuel, William T.
Schermerhorn, Mary S., b. 1799?
Sellers, H. L.
Semple, Henry Churchill, 1822-1894
Sewell & Baugher, Baltimore, Md.
Shackelford, Thomas Roane, b. 1815? See Solomon Spence Hutt
Shaw, Samuel
Sheldon & Maupin, Williamsburg, Va.
Sheppard, J. W.
Slaughter, Patrick Henry
Slaves See Lucian Carter Browne
Smith, Edward Jaquelin, 1818-1887
Smith, J. Alonzo
Smith, John F. See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Smith, Mary Ellen See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Smithson, George W., b. 1811?
Southall, George Washington, 1810-1854
Speed, John M., 1815-1866
Spooner, Alden B., 1786-1853
Starke, Burwell, 1806-1895
Steed, J. M. See Guilford Greene Claiborne
Streeter, Sebastian Ferris, 1810-1864
Sturdivant, John, 1819-1856
Sutton, Lewis
Sutton, William Morris, 1818-1886
Swayne, J. T.
Sydnor, William, 1776-1852

Taliaferro, William, b. 1770?
Tayloe, Delia Smith (Willis), 1843-1904
Taylor, Francis G., b. 1794?
Taylor, Tazewell, 1810-1875
Thorne, Thomas
Timberlake, Henry
Towler, Martha B.
Trant, George Richards, b. 1812?
Turner & Wheelwright, Baltimore, Md.
Turner, Jane (Williamson)
Turner, Wheelwright & Mudge, Baltimore, Md.
Tyler, Walter

United States. President (1860-1865 : Lincoln) See Virginius Howard Claiborne

Vigilantes See Gilbert Burnet Claiborne; James William Claiborne
Vincent, Frederick
Virginia. Constitutional Convention of 1850-1851 See James William Claiborne

Walker, Albert L.
Waller, Robert B.
Weber (Ludwig) & Com., [?], Germany
Weber, Ludwig Friedrich
Welch, Samuel See Earle (Jno., Jr.) & Co.
Werth, John Jacob, 1807?-1870
White, Josiah F.
Whitlocke, Nathaniel I. B., b. 1810?
Williamson, Sutton & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Wilsford, William
Wingfield, L.
Winston, William Overton, 1812-1862
Wirt, William
Withers, James, 1792-1861 See Edward Jaquelin Smith
Womble, John E., 1822?-1894
Woodward, Philemon Taylor, 1821?-1891
Wormeley, Carter Warner, 1815-1892
Wren, Anthony D.

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