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William Byrd II
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Grant and Lee
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Mason Family, Section 6

Mason Family. Papers, 1813-1943. Section 6
Correspondence, 1827-1859, of John Young Mason (1799-1859)
Call Number Mss1 M3816 c 27-557
Index to Correspondents and Selected Subjects

Allen, William, b. 1828?
Anderson, Archer, 1838-1918
Anderson, Mary Anne (Mason), 1834-1928 SEE ALSO Bernhardt, E.
Anderson, Walker, 1801-1857
Applewhite, Thomas H.
Armistead, George Reade, b. 1808
Atkinson, Archibald, 1792-1872

Bacon, L. S.
Badger, William
Baker, Philip B., b. 1829? SEE Prentis, Joseph
Bancroft, George, 1800-1891 SEE ALSO Preston, William Ballard
Barbour, John Strode, 1790-1855
Barham, Charles W., b. 1809?
Barker, John B., b. 1803?
Barker, Susan B., Mrs., b. 1812?
Barnes, David A.
Barney, Mary E., Mrs.
Baumont, Andrew, 1790-1853
Beers, Cerenius
Belmont School (Loudoun County, Va.) SEE Mercer, Mary Scott (Swann)
Bernhardt, E.
Bethmann (Ed.) Et cie, (Bordeaux, France)
Bird, Henry Dearborn, 1808-1881
Blackwell, Robert, b. 1801?
Bland, William Richard, b. 1819?
Blow, George, 1787-1870
Blunt, Ellen (Key)
Bordeaux (France) -- Merchants
Boykin, Robert Marshall
Bradford, George S., d. 1852
Breese, Sidney, 1800-1878
Bridge, Horatio, Mrs.
Brown, James
Buchanan, James, 1791-1868 SEE ALSO Barbour, John Strode; Beaumont, Andrew; Heath, Roscoe Briggs; Meade, Robert Kidder
Butler, Clement Moore, 1810-1890
Butler, Edward George Washington, 1800?-1888
Butts, Daniel Claiborne, 1801-1876

Cabell, Joseph Carrington, 1778-1856
Calhoun, John Caldwell, 1782-1850 SEE Ravenel, Daniel
Campbell, John, b. 1791 SEE Nollner, Jacob
Caskie, John Samuels, 1821-1869
Cass, Lewis, 1782-1866
Cattle SEE Mason, Gerrard F.
Chambliss, John Randolph, 1809-1875
Chapman, Augustus Alexandria, 1803-1876 SEE Laurence, A. N.
Chillicothe (Ohio) – Lawyers
Church of the Ascension (Washington, D.C.)
Claiborne, David Augustine, 1823-1892
Claremont (Surry County, Va.) SEE Allen, William
Clarke, William
Clarvadetscher, Rosalie (Bihler)
Clay, Clement Comer, 1789-1866
Clay, Henry, 1797-1852 SEE Mason, Elizabeth H. M. (Romaine)
Clay Hill (Amelia County, Va.) SEE Mason, John Young (1823-1862)
Clemens, Sherrard, 1820-1881 SEE Heath, Roscoe Briggs
Coahoma County (Miss.) SEE Barham, Charles W.; Bradford, George S.; Mason, Lewis Edmunds
Cocke, Robert
Collier, Robert Ruffin, 1805-1872
Constant, I. A.
Cook, Frances Ann (Mason), 1831-1908
Corcoran & Riggs (Washington, D.C.)
Cotten, John T.
Courts-martial and courts of inquiry SEE Jones, Thomas ap Catesby
Curtis, William

Dabney, Chiswell, 1791-1865
Daingerfield, Henry
Dancy, William Francis, 1818-1860
Daniel, Elizabeth (Harris), d. 1857 SEE Anderson, Mary Anne (Mason)
Daniel, Peter Vivian, 1784-1860
Davidge, William H.
Day, John Davis, b. 1805?
Day’s Neck (Isle of Wight County, Va.) SEE Blackwell, Robert; Turner, Jordan W.
Denby, Charles, d. 1904 SEE Daniel, Peter Vivian
Denby, Nathaniel SEE Preston, William Ballard
Derwort, George Henry SEE Mason, Elizabeth H. M. (Romaine)
Dickinson, Daniel Sevens, 1800-1866
Dodson, Daniel, 1820–1879
Dodson, Elizabeth Romaine (Mason), 1825-1897
Dodson, John, 1821-1871
Donnelly, John K.
Douglas, Samuel James, 1811-1874
Dueling SEE Heath, Roscoe Briggs

Eaton, William
Edwards, Littleton Richard, 1800-1883
Ellis, Thomas Harding, 1814-1898
Emigration and immigration SEE McLean, Daniel Veech; Wise, Obadiah Jennings
Exchange Bank of Virginia (Norfolk) SEE Sharp, William Willoughby

Fiveash, Peter, 1762-1799 SEE Murdaugh, James
Fleming, John S., b.1794?
Floyd, John Buchanan, 1806-1863 SEE ALSO Murdaugh, James; Revenel, Daniel
Forsyth, John, 1780-1841 SEE Nollner, Jacob
Fortsville (Southampton County, Va.) SEE Mason, Lewis Edmunds
French, Rufus A., 1808-1856

Gaffcken, Johannes, 1803-1864
Gatzmer, William H.
Giles County (Va.) SEE Laurence, A. N.
Goddin, Wellington, 1815-1886
Gwynn, Walter, 1802-1882 SEE McDowell, James

Hamilton, Philip
Hamlin, Stephen H., b. 1810?
Hammond, John Fox, 1821-1886
Hamner, Sarah A. Frances (Stone) SEE ALSO Shepherd, Abram
Hannah, Samuel, 1792-1859
Hargrave, Jesse
Hartwell, Charles Paul, 1821
Hawes (John) et Roast (Paris, France)
Haynie, F.
Heath, Elizabeth Harris (Mason), 1829-1881
Heath, James Ewell, 1792-1862 SEE Murdaugh, James
Heath, Mary Mason, 1858-1944 SEE Heath, Roscoe Briggs
Heath, Roscoe Briggs, 1827-1863
Homestead (Greensville County, Va.) SEE Hamner, Sarah A. Frances (Stone)
Hutchinson, R.

Internal improvements SEE Cabell, Joseph Carrington
Irish and American Steamship Company SEE Thompson, Ambrose W.

Jack, John F.
James River and Kanawha Company SEE Cabell, Joseph Carrington; Layne, Douglass B.; McDowell, James; Munford, George Wythe; Smith, Benjamin H.; Walker, Ezra
Jenkins, James E., b. 1824?
Jervis, W. F.
Johns, Henry
Jones, Frances Jane (Raincock), 1815-1891
Jones, George Hamilton, 1807-1857
Jones, Thomas ap Catesby, 1790-1858
Jordan, Madison, b. 1811?

Kenan, Daniel L.
Key, Philip Barton, 1818-1859
Kimball, Richard Burleigh, 1816-1892
King, Edwin Davis, 1792-1862
Kneass, Horn R.

Laurence, A. N.
Layne, Douglass B., b. 1803?
Letcher, John, 1813-1884 SEE Heath, Roscoe Briggs
Levin, Lewis Charles, 1808-1860 SEE Preston, William Ballard
Lewis, Benjamin, d. 1843 SEE Potts, John W.
Lewis, James Overton, 1797 (ca.)-1872
Livinston, Wells et Co. (Paris, France)
London, Daniel Higginbotham, 1818-1875
Loudoun County (Va.) – Schools SEE Mercer, Mary Scott (Swann)

Madison, James, 1751-1836 SEE Barbour, John Strode
Mallory, Robert M., b. 1830
Marcy, William Learned, 1786-1857
Martin, Joshua Lanier, 1799-1856
Martin, William Thompson, 1823-1910
Mason, Elizabeth H. M. (Romaine), 1802-1885
Mason, George
Mason, George, 1809-1895
Mason, Gerrard F., b. 1816?
Mason, James Edward, 1796-1862
Mason, John R., b. 1821?
Mason, John Young, 1823-1862 SEE ALSO Preston, William Ballard; Sinclair, William; Wise, Henry Alexander
Mason, Joseph T., 1836-1869
Mason, Joseph W., b. 1816?
Mason, Lewis Edmunds, 1822-1897 SEE ALSO Bernhardt, E.
Mason, Mary Ann (Fort), 1803-1870
Mason, Nathaniel
Mason, Robert W., 1801-1827 SEE Stith, Susan Greenway (Cutler) Mason
Mason, St. George Tucker, 1844-1884 SEE ALSO Bernhardt, E.
Mason, Susan Harriet Barksdale, b. 1841
Mason, William T.
Maury, Dabney Herndon, 1822-1900
May, David, b. 1796?
McCorkle, Samuel, 1800-1866
McDowell, James, b. 1801?
McLean, Daniel Veech, 1801-1869 SEE ALSO Floyd, John Buchanan; Ricker, Samuel; Shields, James; SEE Wise, Obadiah Jennings
Meade, Richard Kidder, 1801-1862
Meade, Richard Worsam, 1807-1870
Medill, William, 1802-1865
Mercer, Mary Scott (Swann), 1797-1864
Merritt, Alexander Thomas Belfield, b. 1803?
Miller, Samuel A., 1819-1890
Moncure, Henry Wood, 1800-1866
Morris, Charles, 1784-1856
Morriss, Richard Gregory, 1795-1867
Morton (Q. & W. L.), Petersburg, Va.
Muhlenberg, Henry Augustus, 1823-1854
Munford, George Wythe, 1803-1882
Murdaugh, James, b. 1800?

Neidenreich, William
Neves, Albert G., b. 1810? SEE Potts, John W.
New Orleans (La.) – Merchants
Nichols, Elijah
Nollner, Jacob

O’Kill, M., Mrs., b. 1785? SEE Beers, Cerenius
Oakland (Dinwiddie County, Va.) SEE Hamlin, Stephen H.
Ogden, Charles S.
Oldner, Joshua SEE Murdaugh, James
Oregon SEE Meade, Richard Kidder
Osborne, Charles Francis, 1800-1879 SEE Preston, William Ballard

Pannill & Lea (Petersburg, Va.)
Pannill, William, 1794-1870
Paris (France) – Banks and banking
Paris (France) – Merchants
Parker, John Alexander, 1804-1894
Parker, John Wise Henry, 1819?-1900 Wise, Henry Alexander (1806-1876)
Parker, Stafford Henry, 1787-1871
Patton, John Mercer, 1796-1858
Pegram, James West, 1804-1844
Perkins, Campbell & Co. (New Orleans, La.)
Petersburg (Va.) – Merchants
Pette, John Marshall SEE Peete, M. E., Mrs.
Pette, M. E., Mrs.
Pickett, Perkins & Co. (New Orleans, La.)
Pierce, Franklin, 1804-1869 SEE Barbour, John Strode
Plantations – Management SEE Barham, Charles W.; Blackwell, Robert; Bradford, George S.; Mason, Lewis Edmunds
Plummer, William
Pope, J. Turner
Potts, John W.
Prentis, Joseph, 1782-1851
Preston, William Ballard, 1802-1862
Price, Rodman McCamley, 1816-1894
Prince, Joseph H., b. 1821?
Putnam and Kanawha Mining and Manufacturing Company SEE McLean, Daniel Veech

Quarrier, Alexander Washington, 1795-1863

Railroads SEE Cabell, Joseph Carrington
Rand, William J., b. 1809 SEE Smith, Benjamin H.
Randall, Henry Stephens, 1811-1876 SEE Dickinson, Daniel Stevens
Ravenel, Daniel
Read, George Campbell, 1878-1862 SEE Preston, William Ballard
Ricker, Samuel
Rihouet-Lerosey (Paris, France)
Rio de Janiero (Brazil) SEE Wise, Henry Alexander (1806-1876)
Ritchie, Thomas, 1778-1854
Robertson, William, 1813-1865
Robinson, Anna M. Bonnycastle, Mrs.
Robinson, Edmund C., b. 1815?
Rochelle, M. B., Mrs.
Rodgers, John, 1812-1882
Romaine, Victoria Adaline (Mason), 1836-1932
Rothschild Brothers (Paris, France)
Ruffin, Edmund, 1794-1865 SEE Meade, Richard Kidder

Scott, Winfield, 1786-1866 SEE Barbour, John Strode
Secession SEE Blow, George
Shaffner, Taliaferro Preston, 1818-1881 SEE Bacon, L. S.
Shands, Elverton Adolphus, 1816-1861
Sharp, William Willoughby, 1801-1871
Shepherd, Abram, b. 1810?
Shields, James
Sims, Pinkney C.
Sims, William M.
Sinclair, George Tarry, 1816-1885
Sinclair, William, d. 1858
Smith, benjamin H., 1797-1887
Smith, Joseph, 1790-1877
Smith, Richard
Spark, William Alexander, d. 1848
St. Louis & Missouri River Telegraph Company SEE Bacon, L. S.
Stanard, Robert, 1781-1846
Stanton, Frederick Perry, 1814-1894 SEE Preston, William Ballard
Stith, Susan Greenway (Cutler) Mason
Stockton, Robert Field, 1795-1866
Strong, William, 1808-1875
Sturdivant & Hurt (Petersburg, Va.)
Sturdivant, Hurt & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Sturdivant, Hurt, Gee & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Suckley, George, 1830-1869
Summers, George William, 1804-1868

Taggart, William H.
Taylor & Massie (Chillicothe, Ohio)
Taylor, Rebecca, Mrs.
Taylor, Samuel, 1791-1853
Thomas, George Henry, 1816-1870 SEE Peete, M. E., Mrs.
Thompson, Ambrose W.
Thompson, Jacob, 1810-1885
Thompson, Robert Augustine, 1805-1876
Thornton, Seth Barton, 1814-1847 SEE Patton, John Mercer
Totten, Joseph Gilbert, 1788-1864
Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley, 1820-1890
Turner, Anna Key
Turner, Jordan W., b. 1797?
Turner, Watson J., b. 1822?
Tyler, John, 1790-1862 SEE ALSO Preston, William Ballard

University of North Carolina. Philanthropic Society SEE Barnes, David A.; Hartwell, Charles Paul
Urguhart, James B., b. 1800?

Van Dien, R.
Vaughan, Henry B.
Verdon, Theodore Benson SEE Laurence, A. N.
Vesey, W. N.
Virginia. Constitutional Convention (1850-1851) SEE Mason, Joseph W.; Prince, Joseph H.

Wakefield (Chesterfield County, Va.) SEE Mason, Joseph
Walewski, Alexandre Florian Joseph Colonna, comte de.
Walker, Ezra, b. 1804?
Walker, Joseph Knox, 1818-1863
Waller, George Allen, 1817-1900
Walsh, [?] SEE Wise, Henry Alexander (1806-1876)
Ward, William
Warrington, Lewis, 1782-1851
Washington (D.C.) – Banks and banking
Washington (D.C.) – Churches
Watkins, Washington Lafayette, b. 1824
West View (Greensville County, Va.) SEE Mason, Geroge, 1809-1895
Wheeler, S., b. 1817?
Whitaker, John H.
Whitehead, Joseph Boswell, b. 1794?
Whitehead, William Colgate, 1819?-1858
Wight, Ann G.
Wilding, Henry
Wilkinson, Henry, b. 1826
Williams, A. A.
Williams, William
Williamson, Benjamin
Wilson, Samuel Venable
Wise, Henry Alexander, 1806-1876 SEE ALSO Heath, Roscoe Briggs
Wise, Henry Alexander, 1834-1869 SEE Wise, Henry Alexander (1806-1876)
Wise, Obadiah Jennings, 1831-1862 SEE ALSO Heath, Roscoe Briggs
Women – Education SEE Mercer, Mary Scott (Swann)

Young, Robert W., 1805-1880

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