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Mason Family, Section 52

Mason Family Papers, 1813-1943. Section 52
Correspondence, 1848-1897, of Lewis Edmunds Mason
Call Number Mss1 M3816 c 2055-3609
Index to Correspondents and Selected Subjects

Agriculture SEE Barham, Charles W.; Bradley, Wilson & Co., New Orleans, La.; Robson & Allen, New Orleans, La.; Sturdivant, Hurt & Co., Petersburg, Va.; Sturdivant, Hurt, Gee & Co., Petersburg, Va.
Anderson, Archer, 1838-1918
Anderson, Archer, 1866-1942
Anderson, Joseph Reid, 1813-1892
Anderson, Mary Anne (Mason), 1834-1928
Anderson, Sarah Archer, 1862-1954
Anderson, St. George Mason, 1873-1936
Andrews, N. F.
Applewhite, Lewis M.
Applewhite, Thomas H.
Arnold, William E, 1817-1890
Avent, Tamlin, b. 1800?
Avent, William F.

Bailey, Benjamin A.
Baker, Richard Henry, 1789-1871
Baker, Richard Henry, 1826-1911
Baksdale, William Henry, 1827-1904
Ballard, R. C.
Banister, William C., 1809-1864 SEE Butts, Augustine Claiborne
Barham, Charles W., b. 1809?
Barham, Martha J., b. 1814?
Barham, Richard Powell, 1846-1917
Barker, Susan B., b. 1812?
Barksdale, Elizabeth Tabb
Barksdale, Emma (Mason), 1839-1900 SEE ALSO Barksdale, Robert Jones
Barksdale, John Young Stanley
Barksdale, Robert Jones
Barksdale, Susan P.
Barney, Samuel Chase
Barr, David
Bartley, Ann J., Mrs.
Bass, Henry B., b. 1818?
Batte, Albert A.
Batte, Green H., b. 1825?
Beamon, Richard Henry, b. 1817?
Bernard, David Meade, 1813-1884
Bingham, William J. SEE Mason, George, 1809-1895
Blackwell, Robert, b. 1801?
Bland, William Richard, b. 1819?
Blow, George, 1813-1894
Blunt, Samuel, 1804-1884
Blunt, Simon Fraser, d. 1854
Bolling, Robert, b. 1829
Borland, Lucy Wilkinson, Mrs.
Bourland, Kathleen Graham (Anderson), 1876-1966
Boykin, Robert Marshall SEE ALSO Grigsby, Hugh Blair
Boykin, Robert V., b. 1822
Brawley, John B.
Briggs, Hart L. (Cook)
Briggs, William Henry
Broun, M. L.
Brown, Martha A., Mrs.
Browne, W. T.
Brunson, C. S.
Buckner, C. B.
Butts, Augustine Claiborne, 1806-1870 SEE ALSO Merrit, Alexander Thomas Belfield

Carpender, Edward William, 1797-1877
Carroll, William H.
Chambliss, John Randolph, 1809-1875 SEE ALSO Prince, John Jones
Chinn, E. L.
Claiborne, James H.
Coahoma County, Miss. SEE Barham, Charles W.; Mason, John Young, 1823-1862
Collier, Robert Ruffin, 1805-1870
Cook, Frances Ann (Mason), 1831-1908
Cook, Frances Mason
Cook, George Mason
Cook, James Watkins, 1822-1864
Cook, John Young, 1856-1896 SEE Briggs, Hart L. (Cook)
Cook, R. J.
Cooper, Joseph H.
Corcoran, William Wilson, 1798-1888
Crain, Martin

Daniel, [?]
Dauphin, M. A., 1836?-1890
Davenport, Isaac, 1813-1896
Davidge, William H.
Day’s Neck (Isle of Wight County, Va.) SEE Blackwell, Robert; Mason, John Young, 1823-1862
Dickinson, W. H.
Dodge, H. C.
Dodson, Daniel, 1820-1879
Dooley, John, 1809?-1868
Drewry, Samuel, b. 1801?
Drewry, Samuel J.
Drewry, William H.
Drummond, William J., 1818-1895
Dunn, Fortunatus, b. 1829?

Edwards, Littleton Richard, 1800-1883
Edwards, M. C.
Elections – Virginia SEE Glennan, Michael; Hope, James Barron
Ellis, Charles, 1817-1900
Ellis, Charles S. H.
Ellis, S. S.
Eppes, Benjamin Franklin, b. 1817

Fairbanks, Lillian
Feild, John Alexander, d. 1880
Ficklin, R. W.
Fondren, S. R.
Ford, S.
Fortsville (Southampton County, Va.) SEE Mason, John Young, 1823-1862
France SEE Mason, Mary Ann (Fort); Mason, St. George Tucker
Fredericksburg, Va. SEE Mason, St. George Tucker
Frick, William R.

Garner, J. M.
Gatzmer, W. H. SEE Heath, Roscoe Briggs
Giles, Thomas Tabb, 1803-1883
Glennan, Michael, 1843-1899
Glidewell, Isaac Newton
Goddin, Wellington, 1815-1886
Goddins Hall (Richmond, Va.) – Pictorial works SEE Godduin & Apperson, Richmond, Va.
Godwin, David Jeremiah, b. 1829
Grigg, J. S.
Grigg, R. G.
Grigsby, Hugh Blair, 1806-1881
Grizzard, George D., b. 1854
Grizzard, Joseph F.

Hales, Aaron
Hamner, Edw. D.
Hamner, Sarah A. Frances (Stone)
Handy, Alexander Hamilton, 1809-1883
Harris, Arnold
Harris, Joel, b. 1801?
Harris, Pattie E. SEE ALSO Anderson, Archer, 1866-1942
Harris, Susan
Hart, E. J.
Hartley, William J., b. 1820? SEE Dunn, Fortunatus
Heath, Elizabeth Harris (Mason), 1829-1881
Heath, Mary Mason, 1858-1944
Heath, Roscoe Briggs, 1827-1863
Holt, Nancy, Mrs.
Hope, James Barron, 1829-1887
Howard, Henry S., b. 1828?
Hubbard, William T.
Hubbard, [?]
Humphreys, Joseph M.
Hunt, C. W.
Hyde, Anthony

Jackson, G. W.
Jackson, Phillie L.
James, J. Dawson
Jarratt, John Braxton, 1843-1906
Jarratt, Thomas J., 1817-1895
Jarratt, Walter J.
Jarratt, William N., b. 1815?
Johnson, John b. 1796?
Jones, Calvin
Jones, Frances Jane (Babcock), 1815-1891
Jones, George Hamilton, 1807-1857 SEE Jones, Frances Jane (Babcock)
Jones, John V.
Jones, Joseph Ravenscroft, 1828-1894
Jones, N. V.
Jones, S. E., Mrs.
Jordan, Walter B.

Kello, Mary W., Mrs.
Kilby, John Richardson, 1819-1878
Kyle, John

Lancaster, Robert Alexander, 1829-1902
Leak, F. T.
Lee, Mary Greenhow, Mrs.
Lee, [?]
Liverpool, England SEE Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley
Livesay, John
Lotteries SEE Dauphin, M. A.
Lynn, Elijah, b. 1788?

Macfarland, William Hamilton, 1799-1872
Macmurdo, James Brown, 1805?-1867
Magee, J.
Majette, William Jethro, 1825-1885
Mangum, James H.
Mann, Ambrose Dudley, 1801-1889
Mann, John, 1830-1901
Mann, Jonathan B.
Marriage customs and rites SEE Barksdale, Emma (Mason)
Mason, Edmunds, 1836-1892
Mason, Eilbeck
Mason, Elizabeth H. M. (Romaine), 1802-1885 SEE ALSO Collier, Robert Ruffin
Mason, George, 1809-1895
Mason, George, b. 1836
Mason, Harriet Bathurst (Barksdale), 1829-1900 SEE Barksdale, Robert Jones
Mason, Henry
Mason, James Edward, 1796-1862 SEE ALSO Shelton, E. H.
Mason, James Murray, 1798-1871
Mason, John Young, 1799-1859 SEE ALSO Grigsby, Hugh Blair
Mason, John Young, 1823-1862 SEE ALSO Grigbsy, Hugh Blair
Mason, Joseph T., 1836-1869
Mason, Lewis Edmunds, 1869-1914
Mason, Littleberry W., b. 1821?
Mason, Mary Ann (Fort), 1803-1870
Mason, Robert E.
Mason, Sarah Olivia, 1837-1926
Mason, Simon Fraser Blunt, 1848-1921 SEE ALSO Eppes, Benjamin Franklin; Jones, Joseph Ravenscroft
Mason, St. George Tucker, 1844-1884 SEE ALSO Jones, Joseph Revenscroft; Parker, James W.; Potts, John W.
Mason, Susan Harriet Barksdale, b. 1841
Mason, William D., b. 1824?
Mason, William N.
Massenburg, Edward W., 1821-1871
Maynard, G. H.
McDonald, J.
McHenry, James SEE Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley
McKenzie, D. B.
McLemore, Benjamin F. SEE ALSO Bailey, Benjamin A.
McLemore, James
McLemore, James
McLemore, John C.
McNeill, D.
Merritt, Alexander Thomas Belfield, b. 1803?
Merritt, William Henry Embry, b. 1800?
Miller, G. B.
Moncure, Henry Wood, 1800-1886
Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899 SEE Mason, Susan Harriet Barksdale
Moore, James T.
Moss, Nancy, Mrs.
Munford, George Wythe, 1803-1882
Murray, James, 1834-1914
Murray, Robert, b. 1795?
Myrick, Alexander, 1791?-1859

Nash, Joseph Van Holt, b. 1834
Neblett, James H. M., 1827-1871
Newsom, Thomas
Newsom, Thomas D.
Newsom, Thomas M., b. 1814?
Newsom, W. E.
Newspapers SEE Richmond Enquirer
Nicholson, Samuel
Norfolk, Va. SEE Mason, John Young, 1823-1862
Nunnally, Lawson, 1803-1876

Old, William M.
Orange Court House, Va. SEE Mason, St. George Tucker

Palmer, John C.
Pannill, William, 1794-1870
Parker, James W., b. 1800?
Partin, A. J. SEE Drummond, William J.
Patton, John Mercer, 1796-1858
Patton, John Mercer, 1826-1899
Payne, William T.
Pears SEE Frick, William R.
Peete, George M.
Person, James H.
Plantation overseers SEE Barham, Charles W.
Postage stamps – Confederate States of American SEE Anderson, Archer, 1838-1918; Dodson, Daniel; Heath, Elizabeth Harris (Mason); Heath, Roscoe Briggs; Mann, John; Sturdivant, Hurt, Gee & Co., Petersburg, Va.; Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley
Potts, Charles E.
Potts, John W.
Power, f. D.
Power, F. D.
Powers, Pike, 1813-1897
Prince, David, b. 1798?
Prince, George W., b. 1840?
Prince, John Jones, b. 1800?
Prince, Joseph Brown, 1844-1903
Prince, Joseph H., b. 1821?
Pulliam, G. H.

Railroads SEE Mason, George, b. 1836; Sanford, Charles O.
Rawlings, Samuel T., b. 1828?
Read, Emma Mason (Barksdale), d. 1937 SEE Barksdale, Emma (Mason)
Read, John Wright SEE Barksdale, Emma (Mason)
Richardson, Robert Vinkler, 1820-1870
Ridley, Francis Thomas, 1817-1897
Ridley, Thomas, b. 1804?
Rivers, Nathaniel Frederick, 1825-1884
Rivers, Thomas
Rives, Francis Everod, 1792-1861 SEE ALSO Merritt, Alexander Thomas Belfield
Robertson, D. A.
Robinson, Sampson A., b. 1788?
Rollings, Samuel T., b. 1828?
Romaine, Charles N., 1827-1884
Romaine, Victoria Adaline (Mason), 1836-1932
Rose, William A.
Rowland, Daniel
Ryland, A. G.

Sanford, Charles O.
Sauvan, A. SEE Potts, John W.
Schools – Sussex County, Va. SEE Murray, James
Scott, Edward Pegram, d. 1876
Seaborne, James
Seayers, M. SEE Dooley, John
Sebrell, G. W.
Selden, Miles Cary, 1805-1880
Shands, William Briggs, 1820-1906
Shelton, E. H.
Shoes SEE Drummond, William J.
Simmons, J. C.
Sims, W. R.
Sims, William M.
Slavery SEE Fondren, S. R.; Heath, Roscoe Briggs; Mason, James Edward; Mason, John Young, 1823-1862; Urquhart, William
Smith, Franklin
Smith, Hiram Moore, 1809-1899
Smith, Richard
Snead, Charles Goodall, 1840-1925
Spratley, H.
Spratley, William H.
Starke, George Cary, 1830-1896
Stearns, Franklin, 1815-1888
Steward, William Edward, 1813-1859
Stone, William B., b. 1840?
Sturdivant, Richard
Sutherland, George W.
Sutton, W.

Taylor, A. G.
Taylor, George
Taylore, Tazewell, 1810-1875
Tennant, David Brydon, 1822-1885
Thomas, P. S.
Thompson, Jacob, 1810-1885
Todd, Bartelot P., b. 1787?
Tomlinson, Barham L, b. 1828?
Toronto, Canada SEE Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley
Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley, 1820-1890 SEE ALSO James, J. Dawson
Turner, Edward J., d. 1862
Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, 1853-1935 SEE Mason, Simon Fraser Blunt

Urquhart, William, d. 1888

Vaughan, C. S.
Virginia – Politics and government SEE Glennan, Michael; Hope, James Barron

Wade, William M., 1826-1862
Walton, John W.
Walton, Joseph H.
Wanamaker, John, 1838-1922
Ward, Samuel
Ward, William
Warren, W. S.
Weathers, B.
Weaver, Peter F.
Wellford, Beverley Randolph, 1828-1911
Werth, W. H.
Westbrook, Mary J., Mrs., b. 1822?
Wightt, Ann G.
Wilkinson, John, 1821-1891
Wilkinson, Joseph Biddle, b. 1818
Williams, Mary Mason (Anderson), 1871-1945
Williams, [?]
Williamson, Nathaniel T., b. 1806
Wilson, Holt, b. 1818?
Wilson, James T.
Wilson, William H., b. 1804?
Wingfield, Emily Ann (Mason) Boykin, 1814-1887
Winn, J. J.
Wise, Henry Alexander, 1806-1876
Worrell, Benjamin E.

Yermoloff, Michael de
Young, M. M. SEE Goddin, Wellington
Young, R. G.
Young, Robert W., 1805-1880 SEE ALSO Heath, Roscoe Briggs

Companies and Organizations

Arrington (John) & Sons (Petersburg, Va.)

Bailey, Horner & Co. (Helena, Ark.)
Binford, Mayo & Blair (Richmond, Va.)
Bradley, Wilson & Co. (New Orleans, La.)
Briggs & Starke

Chism (J. G.) & Co. (Friars Point, Miss.)
Church & Fleming (Richmond, Va.)
Coahoma County (Miss.). Sheriff
Confederate States of America. Army of Northern Virginia SEE Mason, St. George Tucker

De Rham & Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Democratic Party (Va.) SEE Glennan, Michael
Dickinson, Hill & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Dunlop, Moncure & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Dunn & Spencer (Petersburg, Va.)

Farmer Bros. (Hicksford, Va.)
France. Army SEE Mason, St. George Tucker

Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad SEE Mason, George, b. 1836
Goddin & Apperson (Richmond, Va.) SEE ALSO Davenport, Isaac
Godwin & Crocker (Portsmouth, Va.)
Gray’s (James) Sons (Richmond, Va.)

Harrison, Goddin & Apperson (Richmond, Va.) SEE ALSO Davenport, Isaac
Harvell & Hubbard (Petersburg, Va.)

Jarratt (T. J.) & Son (Petersburg, Va.)
Jones & Callender (Petersburg, Va.)

Louisiana State Lottery Company SEE Dauphin, M. A.
Lownes, Orgill & Co. (Memphis, Tenn.)

Marshall & Miller (Vicksburg, Miss.)
Martin & Mason (Richmond, Va.)
Mason (H.) & Co. (Mason’s Depot, Va.)
Mayes & Barnes (Petersburg, Va.)
Monumental Livestock Mutual Aid Society (Baltimore, Md.)
Moore (W. F. & J. T.) (Helena, Ark.)
Myrick (A. & W. E.) (Newsom’s, Va.)
Myrtle & Moore (Helena, Ark.)
Myrtle, Morre Co. (Helena, Ark.)

Owen & Co.

Palmer & Hindman (Helena, Ark.)
Patterson, Madison & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Peebles & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Perkins & Co. (New Orleans, La.)
Perkins, Campbell & Co. (New Orleans, La.)
Petersburg Railroad Company SEE Sanford, Charles O.
Price (Thos. R.) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Price, Reid & Co. (Norfolk, Va.)
Prince & Powell (Green Plaine, Va.)

Randolph (J. W.) & Company (Richmond, Va.)
Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va.)
Robson & Allen (New Orleans, La.)
Rogers, Rives & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Ross &Kirkland (Lawrenceville, Va.)
Rowlett (John) & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)

Selden & Miller (Richmond, Va.)
Sturdivant, Hurt & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Sturdivant, Hurt, Gee & Co. (Petersburg, Va.)
Swan (Sam’l) & Co.

Thomas, Adams & Co. (Smithfield, Va.)
Travers, Snead & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Tyler (John) & Son (Scottsville, Va.)

United States. Navy SEE Mason, John Young, 1823-1862

Virginia. General Assembly SEE Glennan, Michael; Hope, James Barron

Walton (F. T.) & Bro.
Weddell & Macnair (Petersburg, Va.)
Wickershamm & Beecher (Memphis, Tenn.)
Wood (T. W.) & Sons (Richmond, Va.)
Woodhouse (James) & Co. (Richmond, Va.)
Woodhouse & Parham (Richmond, Va.) SEE James Woodhouse & Co. (Richmond, Va.)

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