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Walter Spencer Robertson, Section 15

A Guide to the Papers, 1824-2002, of Walter Spencer Robertson.
Section 15. Correspondence of Mary Dade (Taylor) Robertson (1899-2001).
Call Number Mss1 R5495 b 5,718-6,478

Correspondence of Mary Dade (Taylor) Robertson of Richmond, Va., composed of letters with her family, friends, and aquaintances made while her husband, Walter Spencer Robertson (1893-1970), served in various diplomatic capacities in East Asia.

This section is part of a larger collection of Walter Spencer Robertson papers in the holdings of the Virginia Historical Society.


List of Correspondents


Anderson, Isabel
Armstrong, Anne
Arrington, R. Turner
Astor, Nancy Witcher Langhorne (1879-1964)

Bar, Henry
Bell, Benjamin
Blanton, Natalie
Bliss, Mildred
Boothie, Elizabeth
Boyd, Elizabeth Edmunds
Butterworth, Walton
Byrd, Harry F., Jr.(1914-)

Caccia, Nancy
Cameron, Julia
Casey, Bessie
Chamberlain, Lillian Fletcher (Robertson) (b. 1868)
Chang Pe-Chin
Cheng Kai-Min (Mrs.)
Chiang Mei Ling Soong (Madam Chiang Kai-shek) (1897-2003)
Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975)
Claiborne, Catherine Taylor (Robertson) (1928-)
Cleveland, Harlan
Clubb, Mariann
Clubb, Oliver Edmund
Collins, Virginia
Cooley, Helen
Cullen, Lena
Culver, Mary Cecile (Powell)

Dan, [?]
Dashiell, Nene
Davis, Henry C.
Davis, Harriet R.
Davis, Hilda
de Margerie, Jenny
Dean, Sir Patrick (1909-1994)
Dean, Sally
Dines, Marie
Dunn, Henry M.

Engalitcheff, Vladimir (d. 1923)
Eppes, Elizabeth W.

Fairfax, Eugenia
Fenno, [?]
Fiveash, Frances (Robertson) (b. 1899)
Freeman, Fulton
Fujita, Neil

Garrett, Ethel
Gray, Margaret
Gillem, Alvan C.
Godwin, Katherine
Godwin, Mills E., Jr. (1914-1999)
Gordon, David L.
Green, Marshall

Han Pho Wook (1916-2003)
Harris, N.M.
Herbert, Robin
Hickey, R.G.
Hoffman, Paul G.
Holland, Sydney (1893-1961)
Hollis, Mary
Holton, Linwood A. (1923-)
Humphrey, Patricia

Jay, M.D.
Jeffress, Elizabeth
Johnson, Philip C.
Johnson, Thomas Nelson Page (1918-2007)

Kelly, Ethel
Kelly, P.B.
Kim, Tai Sun
Kimny, Nong
Kingsolving, Arthur
Krock, Arthur

Lubbock, Peter Geoffrey (1909-1984)

Marvel, Elinore J.
Marshall, Katherine
McAfee, William
McCabe, Thomas B.
Meade, Richard
Miller, Catherine
Moore, Ann Leslie
Moyler, Agnes
Muncoe, John, Jr.

Nason, John B.
New, Dicie
Nixon, Pat (1912-1993)
Nixon, Richard (1913-1994)

Parker, Peg
Pauley, Edwin W.
Florence Selden Peple (1878?-1954)
Perkins, Troy L.
Peterson, Mary
Pitts, Elizabeth
Pope, Sara
Powell, Lewis F. (1907-1998)
Preston, William C.

Ramsey, Kathryn
Raphael, F.
Reagan, Ronald (1911-2004)
Rhee, Francesca Donner (1900-1992)
Robbins, Laurence B.
Robertson, Jaquelin Taylor (1933-)
Robertson, Marjorie
Robertson, Walter Spencer, Jr. (1926-)
Roijen, Anne von
Romulo, Carlos P.

Saltonstall, Leverett
Sert, Jose Luis
Seymour, Violet Erskine (1894-1996)
Shackelford, George
Smedberg, W. R.
Smyth, Jane Evans
Stettinius, Edward R. (1900-1949)
[Steward], Jack
Stewart, Ellen

Taylor, Isabel King (1866-1959)
Taylor, Jaquelin Erasmus (1904-1985)
Townsend, Richard L.
Tso Ming-Ché
Tyler, Mary

Valentine, C. Braxton (1881-1955)
Van Cott, Louisa

Wakehurst, John (1895-1970)
Wakehurst, Peggy
Wall, Minnie T.
Wall, Stanley
Wallace, John Gordon
Wilkinson, J. Harvie (1906-1990)
Williams, B.D.
Williams, Eda
Williams, Walter
Wilson, Edith Bolling Galt (1872-1961)
Woods, L.E.
Wrigley, Paul

Zayas, Virginia de

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