"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Discover Charles Peale Polk's painting of George Washington.

George Washington
"Historic Disasters of Richmond" #BannerLecture by Walter Griggs Jr. Weds 1/18 5:30pm @vahistorical #RVA #VaHistory t.co/f8IYmifIfB


Start your journey through the Virginia Historical Society's exhibitions. The Private Jefferson: From the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society is on display until January 22, 2017. Purchase your tickets now for this special exhibition.

Our signature exhibition, The Story of Virginia, features objects that will help guide the visitor through more than 16,000 years of Virginia history from prehistoric times to the present. Other long-term exhibitions include Changing Styles: 300 Years of Virginia Art and Design, Landscapes of Virginia, The Memorial Military Murals by Charles Hoffbauer, and Charles Hoffbauer: "Painter of Historical Murals."


The Private Jefferson

October 15January 22
The Private Jefferson: From the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society features Thomas Jefferson's manuscript copy of the Declaration of Indep
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Upcoming exhibitions include "Toys of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s."
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Toys of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s
Discover 16,000 years of history in The Story of Virginia exhibition.
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View five of Virginia's most iconic colonial homes in miniature, including a 4-foot tall representation of the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg.
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Miniature Homes exhibit signature graphic
This small and playful exhibition explores how literature and illustration for young audiences evolved over the last 170 years.
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Illustrated Treasures exhibit signature graphic
Learn about various weapons and accoutrements from the Virginia Historical Society’s collection.
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Woodson Musket – Close up
Features twenty-one landscape paintings that reveal the variety of terrain and climate that charecterizes Virginia's five distinct physical regions
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Passing Storm (1996.172.2)
Learn about how artist Charles Hoffbauer produced the Memorial Military Murals and the three-year restoration process of these murals.
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Charles Hoffbauer (2003.298.23.A)
View items from the Virginia Historical Society's collections that represent more than 300 years of Virginia art and design.
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Italianate Desk Detail
Painted between 1913 and 1920, the murals represent one of the few large-scale pieces of Civil War artwork on public view in the country.
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J. E. B. Stuary in the Cavalry (Autumn) Mural
This exhibition features silver produced throughout Virginia.
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Silver in Virginia - Silver Hunting Cup (Gift of Frances Roberdeau Wolfe, 1963.25)
Explore the Virginia Historical Society's collections on the road by visiting one of our traveling exhibitions today.
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Robert Knox Sneden
Learn about the Algonquin Indian settlement, Werowocomoco.
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Werowocomoco model
A life-sized memorial to the horses and mules killed during the Civil War.
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The War Horse
Virginia Voices is a 22-minute film made up of crowdsourced video recorded and submitted by regular citizens.
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Virginia Voices