"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Give beyond your lifetime - a bequest in your will

Remembering VHS in your will both ensures that your own needs will come first and that your support for VHS will be permanent.  Taking effect when the needs of life are over, your bequest will allow you to:

  • Endow your annual gift in perpetuity
  • Provide general endowment for future needs not yet apparent
  • Underwrite the critical needs of the VHS

A bequest to the VHS may well suit your needs, if

  • You want to give while ensuring that your family is taken care of first
  • You desire to keep your options open should your wishes ever change
  • You seek to lessen any possible estate tax
  • You have a will or revocable trust, or are ready to create one

Your bequest to VHS’s endowment will ensure that VHS will thrive—and its mission will flourish—regardless of economic fluctuation or unforeseen events.

A bequest gift is easy to make with an attorney's help. Bequest provisions can be written to suit your exact inclination, whether that is to give VHS:

  • A particular percentage of the estate’s value
  • A specific dollar amount
  • A particular item of property such as stock

For sample language you can include in your will, please click here. Although you may designate your gift for a particular purpose, an undesignated bequest allows the VHS to use the gift where it is most needed.

It is important to notify the VHS about your bequest, especially if you intend to designate this bequest for a particular purpose or if it concerns specific property. Notifying the VHS will help to ensure that your gift is used as you intend, and makes the maximum contribution to  our mission. The VHS pledges to keep all such information secure and confidential, and to be a good steward of your gifts.

If you have already made provision for the VHS in your planning, please accept our thanks. Please also fill out The Virginia Heritage Registry Membership Form, or inform Pam Seay at pseay@vahistorical.org, or call Pam at 804.342.9681.

Any information concerning giving options or their tax benefits, on this website or otherwise, provided by the VHS is of a general educational nature only and does not constitute, or substitute for, legal advice. Please seek competent legal advice regarding how any gift to the society might affect your personal situation.