"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Learn more about items related to commencement exercises in the VHS collections.

Van de Vyver Institute Diploma
Behind the Scenes tour, Sat.10/25/14 @10:30am Investing in the Arts: Collections of Virginia Businesses #vahistory t.co/ZZfJUSDVTx

History Notes

I love it when I see History Notes in my mailbox at home. History Notes always keeps me informed about what is happening at VHS!
VHS member

One of the perks of your VHS membership is having our semiannual newsletter, History Notes, delivered to your mailbox twice a year.

Illustrated with photographs from VHS events and of VHS collections, History Notes provides members with up-to-date information about society activities, from upcoming events to new additions to its collections.

The Spring 2014 edition of History Notes is available online in PDF format. The issue includes information on:

Spring 2014 History Notes


The Joseph Bryan, John Stewart Bryan, and David Tennant Bryan Reading Room, which houses the research library of the VHS, is free and open to all patrons, from the curious visitor to the professional researcher. Pictured on the cover are Ellen and Jim Bonbright.

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