"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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The Story of Virginia: An American Experience will be CLOSED starting January 6, 2014 for extensive renovations.

The Story of Virginia was curated by James C. Kelly, formerly director of museums at the VHS. Text for the online exhibition was written by James C. Kelly in 1998 and revised by Graham T. Dozier in 2010. Additional text was written by John d'Entremont, Keith Egloff, David Hackett Fischer, and Sara Bearss. Additional input came from Robert Gross, Suzanne Lebsock, and Robert Pratt.

Exhibit catalog published by:

Publication Management Associates, Inc., in cooperation with the Virginia Historical Society. The catalog is available for purchase in the Pusey Museum Shop.

Web site developed by:

Greg Hansard and Jennifer Rohrbaugh Nesossis worked with Cogapp to create this site with assistance from Meg Eastman and Graham Dozier.

Selected videos produced by:

Greg Hansard, Andrew Gladwell, Ann C. de Witt, Richard S. V. Heiman, Sam Prickett, Paul A. Levengood, William Obrochta, E. Lee Shepard, James C. Kelly, Lauranett L. Lee, Jennifer Rohrbaugh Nesossis, Geoffrey Cohrs, Chris Van Tassell, Graham Dozier, and Meg Eastman

Educational resources developed by:

William Obrochta, Caroline Legros, Jennifer Rohrbaugh Nesossis, Geoffrey Cohrs, Chris Van Tassell, Canan Boomer, Gwynn Litchfield

Funding by:

  • Albemarle Corporation

  • Altria Group, Inc.

  • Ethyl Corporation

  • Fort James Corporation

  • Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr.

  • Bruce and Nancy Gottwald

  • The Gottwald Foundation

  • Dr. and Mrs. William D. Gottwald

  • Brenton and Lindsay Halsey

  • The Institute of Museum and Library Services

  • Marietta McNeill Morgan and Samuel Tate Morgan, Jr., Foundation.


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