"In the Beginning, all America was Virginia."
William Byrd II
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Local museums and attractions

Richmond has changed immensely--and so much for the better. VCU has grown exponentially, the VMFA and Virginia Historical Society have become national attractions, the James River has come into focus, and Carytown has seen an explosion of restaurants and activity. Today, Richmond is known as a place for creativity, acceptance, and the arts.
John Baliles

Whether you are visiting Richmond for a day or staying a week, you will discover that the historic Richmond region is home to many wonderful attractions and a wealth of history. From art and history museums to gardens and shopping, Richmond has something for everyone.

The Virginia Historical Society is conveniently located in the Museum District, west of the Boulevard, near Richmond's historic Fan District. Richmond's most popular museums are located within minutes of each other on the Boulevard. While in Richmond, travel this cultural corridor and experience the area's premier gardens, history, art galleries, interactive science and technology exhibits, programs, events, and shops.

If you are interested in visiting other museums and attractions, please visit:

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